Explain in detail the requirements for lathe processing

The main components of the lathe are: headstock, exchange gearbox, feed box, slide box, tool holder, tailstock, light bar, lead screw, bed, foot and cooling device. Headstock: Also known as the headstock, its main task is to pass the rotary motion from the main motor through a series of shifting mechanisms to make the spindle get the required rotation speed of the two types of forward and reverse steering, while the spindle box separates part of the power. Transfer the movement to the feed box. The main shaft of the ...READ MORE

Machining turning and milling to increase productivity

In recent years, with the promotion of multi-tasking machine tools, turning-milling combined machining has demonstrated its own advantages. Turning and Milling is a process in which a rotating workpiece is machined by a milling cutter. This process combines the many advantages of milling and turning technology to improve production efficiency. Although CNC machine tools are widely accepted and used, the development of metal cutting machine tools is still too traditional, and specific machine tools are developed according to their respective functions such as turning, milling and drilling. If the machining ...READ MORE

Machine tool repair method

The electrical fault diagnosis of CNC machine tools has three stages: fault detection, fault judgment, isolation and fault location. The first fault detection is to test the CNC machine tool to determine whether there is a fault; the second phase is to determine the fault nature and separate the faulty component or module; the third phase is to locate the fault to the replaceable module or printed circuit board. To shorten the repair time. In order to find out the faults in the system in time, quickly determine the location ...READ MORE

Precautions for the use of CNC machine tools

At present, in the field of machining, CNC machine tools have many advantages compared with traditional machine tools, so they are widely used, but the equipment is a collection of machines, electricity, liquid, gas, microelectronics and other technologies. After a fault occurs in a piece of equipment, there are certain difficulties in troubleshooting and repairing. This requires the operator to take precautions when using the CNC machine tool, thereby reducing the probability of failure and improving the utilization of the machine tool. 1. Before use, in accordance with the technical ...READ MORE